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Info on shipping

 SHIPPING INFO: I am in Italy and all the packages are shipped from here after having received the payment (no international COD, Collect On Delivery).

See shipping rates to: European Union countries or U.S.A. and worldwide

Shipping to the European Union countries
There is only one rate (14,90 eur) and it is a flat rate! If you order one or several products it does not change so it is more convenient to order many items at the same time to put up with shipping cost! Many of my packages are shipped by DHL express courier (it is very reliable and it usually deliveres in 3 - 5 business days), however the trackable shipping method I use depends upon the size/weight of the package and the destination country. I also use Crono courier a lot, it is slightly slower but reliable and it sends emails with shipping updates. I will email you all infos after your order has been processed.
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
14,90 Eur

Shipping to the U.S.A. and worldwide
although there is no minimum purchase required, I discourage very small purchases from overseas due to shipping cost

. IMPORTANT: it is not possible to calculate an exact international shipping charge before having made the package because it depends on weight and volume of the ordered item/s, and on the shipping method. To purchase more than one item at the same time is usually more convenient, as shipping rates do not change much / at all within a specific weight or volume. Generally speaking I'm deviding the packages in very small, average and very large.

VERY SMALL PACKAGES: I can send very small item/s to many countries starting from about 13 eur (and USD $ 16.00 to the U.S.A.), if I manage to do so I will refund you the difference.

AVERAGE PACKAGES: (up to 1 kg or 2,2 lbs), you will find these rates on the shopping cart. They are for standard or express shipping depending on weight / volume. Again if you paid more that actual shipping charges (including about a couple of euros for handling) I will refund you the difference.
34,90 Eur
New Zealand
29,90 Eur
24,90 Eur
17,90 Eur
23,90 Eur
17,90 Eur
24,90 Eur
Saudi Arabia
24,90 Eur
Hong Kong
24,90 Eur
24,90 Eur
17,90 Eur
19,90 Eur
24,90 Eur
United Arab Emirates
24,90 Eur
24,90 Eur
United States of America
USD $ 29
24,90 Eur
Other countries
24,90 Eur

VERY LARGE / HEAVY PACKAGES: as soon as your order is processed (usually in a few hours) you will receive a separate paypal money request for the difference (usually not much though). Of course if you do not agree to paying the difference your order will be fully refunded at once and you will not lose a single cent.

 HANDLING TIME: packages are shipped within max two business days after having received the payment, and they are often shipped the next business day. After the package has been shipped you will get an email with all infos.
 DELIVERY TIME: packages shipped to most destinations are normally delivered in 2 - 5 business days with express courier. A few packages (the very small and the very big ones) are shipped by standard mail and they are delivered in about 2 full weeks, however a very few get delayed. I will let you know when to expect delivery after having shipped your package. Please do let me know if there is any undue delay.

 CUSTOMS & DUTY TAXES: There is no tax or duty to pay for packages shipped to the European Union countries. For all the other countries I cannot guarantee that the package will be tax or duty free, your order will be declared as merchandise with its exact value on the customs paperwork. Customs policies vary from country to country. For more information I suggest that you contact your local customs office.

 PACKAGING: Regarding packaging I know that each and every order must be packaged carefully. If necessary, items will be double boxed. I will always strive to over protect your package, never under protect it. Please be assured that:
- I always take the utmost care in packaging
- I always protect the items with crushed paper or styrofoam or plastic bubbles
- I always put the toy(s) in a sturdy cardboard box
- I always send the item(s) using the agreed shipping method.