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Come mandare il pagamento

 PAYMENT INFO: The prices on my website are in Euros and in United States Dollars. All prices are final, only shipping and handling is extra. I'll let you know shipping cost and options after having processed your order, and then you will be able to send the payment. Prices can be changed without notice and the prices in USD might change quite often due to currency conversion EUR/USD rates, but I will always stick to the price of the day you placed your order. The payment must be received in United States Dollars from the U.S.A. and in Euros from the European Union countries and all the other countries.

Regarding payment I accept:

From the European Union countries From the U.S.A. and all the other countries
- credit cards, bank and paypal funds through paypal
- bank wire transfers 
- postal money orders*
- Western Union money transfers
- credit cards, bank and paypal funds through paypal
- Western Union money transfers
* Only from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Ciprus, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain.

Due to bounced / fake checks and high fees for cashing them, money orders and cashier's checks are not accepted, sorry.

As you can see I DO NOT accept credit cards directly, but if you have one and you live in one of these countries, then paypal is the quickest, easiest, safest and cheapest (no extra fees for the buyer) means to send payment through credit card. You do not even have to have an account, I will send you a paypal invoice and you will be able to send your payment in a few minutes, then paypal will charge your credit or debit card or bank account.

If you already have a paypal account, just let me know your paypal e-mail address and I'll send you a paypal money request. I'll send your package in 3 days (except holidays and week-ends) after receiving your payment.

Please note: if you pay using paypal (or credit card through paypal), I will only ship to the address you have in your paypal account and I will use a shipping method which is trackable online.

Payment (or proof of payment in case of bank wire transfers or postal money orders) must be received in 3 business days!